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Welcome to Body Happy

Take control of your body and your life.

We want you to be happy. Happy with your healthy body but also with the process that gets you there. That’s why we’ll support and encourage you every step of the way and come up with a bespoke plan that you will really enjoy.

Power of Positivity

We are friendly, non-judgemental and supportive, encouraging community. We can work with you at home, at our fully-equipped fitness facilities, or wherever suits you best.

We do this by improving your fitness, but that’s just the start, because we know being happy and healthy is about so much more than that. The way you think, feel and even breathe has a huge impact on the way your body works, which is why we look at the whole picture. Our Body Happy Online area has additional support from our well-being partners, helpful tools, and additional workouts to help you reach those goals, no matter where you may be (location and ability!).

Our aim is for you to feel confident, capable and revitalised, and stay that way for life.